Voice Over and Dubbing as a Tool to Boost Growth, by Voces Premium

By Entrepreneurs, El Boletín
July 30, 2021 – Reprint

Captivating people with an attractive voice is not an easy task, but if it is available, it is a good strategy to invite them to enjoy an event or service. Many people remember movies or series for the particular voices that some of their protagonists have. In this sense, voiceover and dubbing are great tools for driving business growth.

Voice-over and dubbing professionals are present in the daily life of society, in their consumption habits, and even in their musical preferences. From the Spanish company Voces Premium, the service of more than 100 announcers is available for countless audiovisual projects and events, in the most complete voicebank in the country.

At all times, a voice shines

The team led by the expert announcer Fernando Acaso provides the best training in this art from the School of Voice-overs and Dubbing of the same name with offices in Madrid and Valencia. From these training activities, the bank that offers these voices in training is nurtured, in addition to the work of broadcasters with vast experience.

With more than 20 years of experience recording charming voices for different communication products, advertising campaigns, corporate videos, audiobooks, switchboards, audio guides, etc. Voces Premium has managed to diversify its scope of action to adapt to the requirements of its customers.

With the same great enthusiasm, Fernando and his team can record from a slogan, a radio spot, a television spot or enter the world of e-learning with tutorials or other materials for the internet, narrations, short or long-term audiobooks, audio-descriptions or dubbing, as well as attending requests from private or corporate clients to conduct an event, both virtual and face-to-face.

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Company incorporated into global dynamics

Voces Premium participates in productions anywhere in the world, with announcers who speak several languages, both Spanish and from other countries. In addition, the company is a pioneer in online talent casting, with all kinds of voices, so that its clients can get what they are looking for in just one click.

The catalog of voices, of both expert announcers and talents in training, is available online to offer maximum convenience to companies that decide to develop campaigns, promotions, and other materials in which an extremely high-quality voice is capable of boosting their growth.

The company’s website (www.vocespremium.com) is available for those interested in hiring voice over, dubbing, animation services for multiple formats and occasions, just by filling out an application form in which the project, so that the team issues a personalized budget, according to the needs expressed by the client. ♦♦♦

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