These Are The Highest-Paid Voice Over Artists in Hollywood, As Of 2022

By Simeon Ganzallo
September 4, 2022

Like other entertainers we love, Voice-over actors are performers who use their voices to impress us, even without seeing them. From ads, audiobooks, and cartoons, to even video games, the demands for these talented voice artists continue to be high. Surprisingly, despite loving how thrilling their voice actions are, fans of these artists usually cannot see what they look like. Fortunately, this has not limited them or their audiences, as their industry continues to grow. This is why voice-over actors earn a fortune today from doing what they love. However, this article will look at the ten highest-paid voice-over artists in Hollywood this year.

10. Mike Judge ($74 Million)

Born Micheal Craig Judge, Mike is a multi-talented personality with works that span being an actor, animator, writer, producer, director, and even a musician. The 59-year-old American is the creator of Beavis, Butt-Head, and many other animated series. As a successful voice actor, Mike has learned his voice in many movies, Tv series, and even the popular video game- King of the hill. Today, the Primetime Emmy Award winner is reportedly worth $75 million. However, his contribution to the Beavis and Butt-Head Movie will see him end 2022 as one of the highest-paid voice-over actors.

9. Nancy Cartwright ($80 Million)

Nancy Cartwright is famous for playing the eldest kid in The Simpsons series, a role which earned the 64year old a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance. However, the American actress has also learned her voice in many other movies and animated series in her 42year blistering career. Random Cartoons, American Dad, The Kellys, The Replacements, and many others, are on the list of many TV shows Nancy has featured. While her worth is around $80 million today, she is one of 2022’s highest-paid voice actors.

8. Yeardley Smith ($85 Million)

Born Martha Maria Yeardley Smith, the 58year old actress, and artist, was also a significant contributor to The Simpson series. Since she began acting in 1982, Yeardley has continued to use her voice to delight her lifelong audience and fans. Yeardley also made a fortune from using her voice in the popular animated series- Family Guy. These days, she devotes most of her time to politics. However, with a net worth of $85 million, the American actress is still among the top highest-earning voice actors today.

From Society of Voice Arts and Sciences

7. Harry Shearer ($85 Million)

Born Harry Julius Shearer, the 78year old multi-talented American voice-actor is also an actor, comedian, radio host, writer, musician, director, and producer. However, his voice contribution to ’90s TV shows like Small Soldiers and Animaniacs made him a lot of money. He was also a voice character in the 2007 edition of The Simpsons game. However, with an estimated $85 million, the Primetime Emmy award nominee is one of the highest-paid voice actors in 2022.

6. Julie Kavner ($85 Million)

Julie is one of the highest voice-over actors of all time, as she has contributed to popular movies and animated series, including Dr. Dolittle, The Lion King, and even The Simpsons. The 71year old actress, popularly known for playing Marge Simpson in The Simpson, also won a Primetime Emmy Award for her role in the 70s series Rhoda. Julie’s net worth is around $85 million today, and she has earned most of it from being a successful voice actor.

5. Dan Castellaneta ($85 Million)

Apart from featuring in Scooby Doo, Dan is also one of the leading voices in The Simpsons. The 64year old American comedian and actor is also known for voicing Grandpa in Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold. Dan’s many other works include Adventures of Dynamo Duck, The Batman, Taz-Mania, etc. His blistering career has earned him a whopping $85 million, and the Democrat is one of the highest earning voice-actors in 2022.


From Society of Voice Arts and Sciences

4. Hank Azaria ($90 Million)

Hank is a voice actor, comedian, and producer who voiced many characters in The Simpsons. The 58years old, who voiced at least eight characters in The Simpson, also featured his voice in the ’90s Spider-Man and What A Cartoon show. With 6 Emmy Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award, Hank is one of the most successful voice actors in the world today. His earnings in the last few years have been enormous, which is why his net worth today is a staggering $90 million.

3. Seth MacFarlane ($300 Million)

Seth is an actor, comedian, and voice actor who made his name in Hollywood as an animator. In the early part of his career, he worked as an animator for Cartoon Network, and he’s one of the brains behind Dexter’s Laboratory and Johnny Bravo. He also created the popular TV series Family Guy and Orville while co-creating American Dad. With a net worth of $300 million, Seth is one of the most successful voice actors.

2. Trey Parker ($600 Million)

Born Randolph Severn “Trey” Parker III, Trey’s famous work includes co-creating the American animated series South Park. The 52year old is not only a voice actor but also a writer and an animator. In a list of many works, Trey’s voice is also featured in notable games like South Park’s Phone Destroyer 2017 game and the 2014 video game- The Stick of Truth. The Grammy-winning voice actor has earned around $600 million in his glittering career and is one of the highest-paid voice acts in 2022.

1. Matt Stone ($700 Million)

Matt, alongside Trey Parker, created the animated series- South Park. However, apart from being a voice-over actor, Matt is also a writer and an animator. Like Parker, Matt also featured in South Park’s Phone Destroyer 2017 game. However, most of his voice-over works are in movies and TV shows. Today, he is one of the highest-paid voice actors in the world, with a net worth pegged at $700 million.