Stephanie Thomas is an actor with over a decade of experience as a voice actor and jingle singer. Voice acting for Stephanie is the fulfillment of a childhood dream. She has always been enamored by television commercials and it shows when she is in the booth. Over the years she has been featured in hundreds of campaigns for brands like:
Cox Cable
Elmers Glue
Marvel Comics
Oil of Olay
Martini and Rossi
Miller Beer
Jet Blue

Her experience has taught her the value of continually training. She say’s “Training is as much of my job as booking sessions.” She began her career on the East Coast, while obtaining her graduate degree in Theater. Recently she re-located to Los Angeles and has turned her sites to adding video games and animation to her extensive repertoire. Winning That’s Voice Over Audition Spotlight contest in 2016 was a wonderful confirmation that after all these years she was still on the right path. “ Winning last year was my own personal “God Wink”. it came at the perfect time and served as a reminder to believe in myself, trust my gut, and be confident in my skills as a voice actor. As every voice actor can attest to, our industry keeps us humble, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the game, you have to study, and stay on top of trends, and focus on your goals when the phone isn’t ringing because we all know staring at a phone never makes it ring. I’m excited for this years contestants and honored for the opportunity to be a part of their voice acting journey.”