Content Creator, Producer and Multicultural Concierge. After 20 years of leading both a creative
hispanic agency and post production studio in Santa Monica Oscar took the leap away from
Traditional Advertising to the world of Branded Content and Podcasting.
Taking his years of creative, production and administrative experience Oscar partnered up with
the All Things Comedy network in it’s start up phase. Pairing the exposure in the comedy world
of Bill Burr and Al Madrigal with his business sense they took the more than 17MM monthly
listeners and leveraged that in to what is now a full service agency. ATC Studios creates all the
video content for it’s network, all the branded partnership content for distribution, continues to
grow it’s podcast network and ad sales department and is very proud to have produced stand
up specials that are airing on Comedy Central as well as Netflix.
With ATC running at full speed Oscar has continued to branch out in to individual projects as
consultant. Merging his Ad experience with the more recent podcast and branded worlds Oscar
is working together with both local and national brands to assists in this continued transition our
new media world offers. From broadcast ads, digital, podcasting all the way through internal
Connecting the message or mission of brands, artists and audiences continues to be Oscar’s
calling. What he enjoy’s the most is the daily merging and experimenting of ways in which to
make these connections given the ever-changing and evolving world of communications we live
Oscar’s greatest connection is to his wife Sandra and four sons Noah, Nathan, Sammy and
David. If he’s not advising them on their latest internship or essay, he’s probably driving them to
practice. Or better yet, he makes sure to find the time to be where he’s enjoyed the most…
behind the grill.