Laura Lucio is an Emmy award and Golden Mike winning television journalist for best investigative reporting.  She owns a Broadcast Media Company where she performs various duties such as host, executive producer, writer, and consultant.    Ms. Lucio is the author of  A Crazy Life, Anecdotes and Conversations With My Friend Jenni Rivera,  a book that  has become an Amazon Best Seller and Favorite.   She is presently in Pre-Production on a documentary about Freddy Fender, the first performer to have a number one hit song in  the Pop and Country charts in the 70’s.  He was also the a creator and founder of Spanish language rock and roll.

Ms. Lucio’s produced and hosted “Jenni Rivera Simplemente La Mejor,” a television special that aired on NBC- TELEMUNDO that highlights the singing career of Regional Mexican Icon, Jenni Rivera. She was also a consultant writer-producer for the 90 episode highly acclaimed series “Mariposa de Barrio” (The neighborhood butterfly) depicting the life of Jenni Rivera for the Spanish language audience of NBC-TELEMUNDO and NETFLIX.    Ms. Lucio’s on-air experience extends to both the Spanish and English markets.

Ms. Lucio began her journalism career as a translator for CBS News and 60 Minutes correspondents in her home state of Texas. She has worked for KCBS in Los Angeles, NBC-Telemundo as a correspondent, on two high-rated news-magazine shows, Ocurrio así (Spanish version of A Current Affair) and later Sin Fronteras. While on Sin Fronteras, the show received the Dalton Pen Award, a high honor for journalistic integrity. She also worked as a field producer for NBC-Access Hollywood, a correspondent for Univision Network, and backup anchor/reporter for Univision’s KMEX in Los Angeles. Her journalistic integrity has given her the advantage of interviewing VIPs in the world of entertainment, politics, and business.

As producer/director, Ms. Lucio consults companies and performers in the vast growing world of digital media, television, and film. Ms. Lucio has executive produced  a great number of TV musical shows with a list of popular Latin performers.

Ms. Lucio attended the University of Texas, Texas Southmost College,  the Hollywood Film Institute, Acting For Life Theater with Gene Bua, and completed courses in Directing, Acting, and Producing, Re-engineering, Business, and Management. She loves to read, sing, and hike. Ms. Lucio speaks English, Spanish, and Italian, and serves on the board of directors of The Beverly Hills Film Festival and supports children and women’s rights. She is an active supporter of different nonprofit organizations such as ASPCA,  (American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animasl,  Family Promise in support of displaced families and  Worldwide Missions empowering youth, immigrants, and refugees.