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The State Of VO puts the spotlight on CASTING when powerhouse casting director Mami Okada brings all things ADR and dubbing into worldwide perspective. This is a conversation about getting work and getting to know the thought process of an amazing casting director who’s dedicated to finding great voices every day of the week.

For years, Mami Okada has been among the very top casting agents for voice actors. Together with her colleagues at the Emmy and Golden Reel-winning Bang Zoom Studios, she finds herself uniquely poised to take on the exploding market of dubbing to feed the appetite of streaming services worldwide. It’s no longer about simply localizing American Films for export. America is hungry for international films dubbed in English. Get your questions ready for what will certainly be a deluge of practical information to get voice actors working. 

It’s all coming your way right here on The State Of VO, where our motto is #LetsGetVoiceActorsWorking

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April 15th, at 7p ET/4p PT

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Mami Okada works with a voice actor to refine her performance.

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