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It’s a surprise to many budding voice actors to discover that their success is tied to running a business. Their own! That’s know surprise to talent agency mogul Liz Atherton. With a degree in Personnel Management and Organization Behavior, and a minor in Psychology, Liz built and sold The Atherton Group (aka Tag Talent Agency), one of the top boutique talent agencies in America that consistently appeared in the top 1% list of IMDB’s “power” talent agencies. Liz has reinvented herself and her business with a new vision she calls Cast Voices, the industry’s latest player in the world of online casting.  Liz, with her vast experience in the regional markets and highly regarded expertise, say’s “There’s a better way to do voiceover.” and she’s got the pedigree to take on the challenge.  Join us for an in-depth conversation about how to crack the code in the regional voiceover space, and how Cast Voices plans to do voiceover better than ever before. Thursday, June 7pm ET/4pm PT JOIN US!

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