A unique harmony between expressiveness,
creativity and naturalness.

Natalia Rosminati Voice Actor Winner


Natalia Rosminati Voice Actor Nominee


Natalia Rosminati Voice Actor Nominee


A multifaceted artist who will

give charm to your projects,
whether in a Neutral Spanish,
Argentinian Spanish or English
with Latin flow, from her studio.

Since I was little I was always involved with art. I studied ballet, piano and guitar, and I really liked reading. Over time I also added singing and theater classes. All this knowledge laid the foundation for my future to be linked to the world of creativity. At the University I studied Communication Sciences and later I specialized in voiceover and voice acting.

My first participations in the world of entertainment were in children’s content due to my abilities in characterization of animation, interpretation and singing. Giving the voice to “Dc McStuffins” and “Plim Plim” for Disney Channel fills me with satisfaction.

Later, I approached the world of commercial voice over; initially for Argentina, then for Latin America and finally for the US. Some of the brands that trust my work: Johnsons Baby, Uber, Natura, Always, State Farm US, Skechers US, Koleston, Protex, among others.

And being the only official female voice for On-Air Promos for National Geographic is a source of great pride. I am the type of woman who enjoys what I do to the fullest and I feel happy and free to do what I like.