Joe Cipriano: Ultra Professional, Not Ultra Pricey

I can’t afford Joe Cipriano!


Truthfully, I do hear that all the time from people who find me on the web or know of me from my work.  It’s usually the first thing they say to my agent or write in an email to me, “I know I can’t afford you, but…”

If you would like me to be a part of your project, there is always a way to work out a price that is within your budget.  We work very hard to dispel the rumor.  Give us a try; we CAN work together and hopefully give you exactly what you hope for, both performance-wise and budget-wise.

You’re too busy for my project.


It’s funny, that may have been true back in the days before IP connectivity (Source Connect, ipDTL) and ISDN… back when we needed to drive from studio to studio all over Los Angeles. Back then we really could run out of time in the day to work on a specific project. Now that we can connect with anyone, anywhere or simply record on our side and FTP or email the audio file, trust me, I’ve got plenty of time to work with you.