Angely Báez is a Social Communicator, with extensive development of her skills in
the areas of radio production, commercial VO, oratory and simultaneous translation.
She is the first Dominican in history to be nominated for the most prestigious
voiceover awards in the United States: Voice Arts Awards. Considered the “Oscars”
of the voice. She is also the first and only Dominican to date to win the statuette.
She is considered by many to be one of the best commercial voices in the Dominican
Republic working for important brands locally and internationally. Co-creator of
Locución Santo Domingo, the first international conference for voice professionals in
the Dominican Republic. Also, Creator of the specialized workshops: VO- 101 and
Advanced Commercial VO. Teacher, advisor and international speaker.
Recognitions, Nominations and Awards

November 2017: She was the first Dominican nominated in the prestigious American
Voice Arts Awards of the Society of Voice Art and Sciences (SOVAS) in the
Outstanding Commercial Demo Reel category.
October 2018: She received 2 nominations for the Golden Microphone awards of the
Dominican Republic in the categories: Best Commercial VO and Best Dubbing Artist.

November 2018: She was nominated again at the Voice Arts Awards of the Society
of Voice Art and Sciences (SOVAS) on this occasion highlighting her work as a
narrator in the Outstanding Spoken Word or Storytelling – Best Spanish Performance

March 2019: She is selected as the “Voice of God” for Los Premios Soberano. The
most important award in the Dominican Republic.

April 2019: Received a recognition at the Diamond Voice Awards for an exemplary

-Also in April 2019, she received recognition from the Municipal Council of La
Romana for being an outstanding professional in the Dominican Republic with
international projection.
June 2019: Received an award from the Ibero-American Voice Festival: Viva Voz; in
Bogotá, Colombia as a commercial Voice Over Artist, being the only woman and
Dominican in her category.
November 2019: Receives special recognition at the Flor del Este awards in the city
of La Romana as an outstanding young woman and transcendental professional from
the Dominican Republic

– Also in November 2019, she received her third nomination and First Award for the
Voice Arts Awards from the Society of Voice Art and Sciences (SOVAS), on this
occasion highlighting her work as an audiobook narrator in the Audiobook Narration
Fiction category, Best Spanish Voiceover for her work on “The Obsession” best seller
by the multi-awarded American writer Nora Roberts.
This milestone in her career positions her as the first Dominican to obtain such

January 2020: The Association of Women in Cinema, AMUCINE, grant her a Special
Recognition at the Annual Amucine Breakfast. For her important work and for being
a worthy representative of the great talent that Dominican women possess.

-Also in January 2020 She received a Recognition of Youth Merit from the Pro-RD
Initiative for being a valuable example for our generation and society in the field of

February 2020: Receives a GARDO award for Dominican Radio as: Best Host of a
music program, for her radio show: Bonavox Radio broadcast by La Super 7fm.

May 2020: She is confirmed as one of the distinguished judges of the Voice Arts
Awards in the city of Los Angeles, United States, in several of the categories in
Spanish and English for being considered an Expert Professional of the spoken word.

November 2020: Receives her first nomination for the LAVAT awards in Mexico in
the Best Female Commercial Demo category. Maximum recognition for the best
voiceover and dubbing in Latin America, produced entirely in Mexico.

– Also in November 2020, she received her fourth nomination and Second Voice Arts
Awards statuette from the Society of Voice Art and Sciences (SOVAS) in the category
of best Fantasy audiobook narrator for the audiobook “At Sunset” by the writer Nora

April 2021: She is selected as the voice of one of one of the leading characters in the
first animated action film in the Dominican Republic: Space Warriors.

May 2021: She is confirmed for the second consecutive year as one of the judges of
the Voice Arts Awards in the city of Los Angeles, United States, in both Spanish and

June 2021: She receives her first nomination for the Soberano Awards, the highest
recognition of the art and culture of the Dominican Republic in the category:
Broadcaster of the Year.

October 2021: Receives her fifth consecutive nomination at the Voice Arts Awards in
New York City, in the category “Best Spanish Voiceover Audiobook Narration Fiction”
for the audiobook “La Firma de Todos las Cosas” by the American writer Elizabeth

November 2021: Receives her second nomination for the LAVAT awards in Mexico
as Best Audiobook Narrator in Spanish.

December 2021: She wins her first LAVAT award in Mexico as the best Spanish
audiobook narrator for the book: “La Firma de Todos las Cosas” by acclaimed
American author Elizabeth Gilbert.

December 2021: She is invited to serve as Simultaneous Translator and On Camera
Commentator of Miss Universe 2021 in her exclusive broadcast for the Dominican

January 2022: Receives recognition for Excellence in Communication from the Flor
del Este Awards in Santo Domingo.

August 2022: She is confirmed for the third consecutive year as one of the judges of
the Voice Arts Awards in the city of Los Angeles, United States, in both Spanish and
Guilds to which she belongs
HOLA – Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors
ADME- Dominican Association of Women Entrepreneurs
AMELOC – Mexican Association of Commercial Voiceovers
ACL – Colombian Association of Voiceovers
ADLLA- Association of Latin American Voiceovers
CNEPR – National Commission for Public Shows and Radio
CLD – Circle of Dominican Broadcasters
ALS – Association of Broadcasters of Santiago (Honorary Member after recognition)
RLCD – Network of Dominican Christian Broadcasters (Honorary Member after
AMUCINE – Association of Women in Cinema (Honorary Member after recognition)

For 3 years she was the official voice of the Mas Radio station in Mexico. She is
currently the official female voice of Mixx 104.5. For several years Super 7 fm as well
as the PHTV channel in the Dominican Republic. In the Super 7fm she stood out as
host and producer of the Bonavox Radio program. As a radio announcer, she has
been part of successful proposals, the most outstanding being the Vitamina X
program on La X102 where she was a host for 6 years and the Mujer Moderna Radio
program for 3 years through the Fidelity station. She is currently the co-host of the
program “Adana y Evo” on Exa 96.9fm and “Visa Semanal” in Rumba Fm in the
Dominican Republic.
Commercial Voice Over
As a commercial voice, she has had the opportunity to work on important national
and international brand such as: Claro, Pandora Jewelry, Google, Uber, Scotiabank,
Scott, Planify, Coca Cola, Dasani, Huggies, Rexona, Dove, Niveo, Kay Jewlers, among
others, as well as being the voice in Spanish and English of several museums, voices
of Documentaries and audiobooks.

She was the official host of the Biznet Latina convention for women entrepreneurs in
NY in 2022. She was also the host of the Spanish Voice Over Conference NY 2018, an
event endorsed by the Dominican Commissioner of Culture in New York City.
As Master of Ceremonies, she has worked for important brands such as: Pernod
Ricard and its premium brand Chivas Regal, Barrick Pueblo Viejo, Grupo Ramos (la
Sirena, Super Pola), Mead Johnson and its brand Alacta Plus, Laboratorios
Referencia, Lanco, Camel, PLAN International, Cirsa Casinos, Caribbean Cinemas and
the Fine Arts Film Festival, among other institutional events, Concerts and unique
events like the FuckUp Nights in the Dominican Republic for 1 year and a half year.
Radio Production
As a radio producer, she has overseen the successful program “12y2” on La 91fm
from 2010 to 2015. Other programs where she has overseen production: Párate Ya
(Los 40 Principales), Salud en Línea (La Nota), Vitamina X (La X102), Visa Semanal
(CDN Radio), Bonavox Radio (Super 7fm) and Migra Z by La Z101. She has also
developed digital media projects for the Eduardo León Jiménez Foundation and for
the portal and its division: ¿Que Sabes Trivia?
Simultaneous translation
As a simultaneous translator (English to Spanish) she has had the satisfaction of
working with: Tabacalera de García (Imperial Tobacco division) Colin Scott
(Ambassador of Chivas Regal and creator of Chivas 18 years old), Dom Sagolla (co-
creator of Twitter), Jon Garin and Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd members), Dominic Miller
(Sting guitarist), Paul Robb (Information Society founding member), Sean Astin
(starring in The Goonies film), Rudy Gaskings and Joan Baker (Founders of the
Society of Voice Arts and Sciences), among others.

Creator of the training workshops: Locution 101 and Advanced Commercial Locution
in the Dominican Republic.
Lectures at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in the Dominican
Republic on communication.
International speaker who has given workshops on Dubbing, Characterization, Radio
Production, Commercial Announcement, Public Speaking and Audiobook Narrations
in Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, and the United States.
International Speaker, Workshops, Special guest
Medellín, Colombia: International speaker at the Viva Voz Festival with the
conference “Radio: Production, conduction and living with Passion”. (July 2021)
Guatemala: International Speaker by the Pan-American University of Guatemala in
the VI Congress of MOVART Creative Industries with the workshop: “Characterization
of Voices”. (August 2021)
Cancun, Mexico: She is invited as an international speaker at the Voicemasters
congress with the conference: “The art of narrating audiobooks” being the only
Dominican invited in this role. (May 2022)
New York, United States: Biznet Latina (April 2022), Spanish Voice Over Conference
(March 2018)
Quito, Ecuador: International workshop facilitator at the congress: “Voices in the
middle of the world” with the workshop: “The art of narrating audiobooks, from
dream to reality”. (November 2022)
Cinema and theater
Musical Theater: “Waiting for the Messiah” (2016), “The Great Gatsby” (2017) and
“Hello God, Eva speaks” in 2018 where she played God.
Cinema: Leading dubbing role in the animated film “Space Warriors” in the
Dominican Republic.(2021)
Movie: Her first leading role in the action film “Ganas de Ganar” in the Dominican
Republic. (2022)
Jury member of the virtual reality show of Chivas Regal in 2014 in search of the new
ambassadors of the brand
President of the judges table of the Viva Rock Latino of the Hard Rock Café.
Guest Judge at the 10th international film festival in Santo Domingo for the award
for best musicalization
Presenter at numerous music-related events.
Columnist for several magazines on topics related to music.

Social Communication mention Public Relations at the Autonomous University of
Santo Domingo. Certification in Neuro-oratory by the International Coaching
University of London. Certification in Coaching Elite, endorsed by the International
Association of Coaching and accredited by the World Coaching Corporation. Locution
and Master of Ceremonies at the Dominican Institute of Locution. Oratory,
production, radio and television locution at the International Communication Center.
Advertising Creativity at CREAT-UNIBE Institute. Creative Writing in Chavón. Vocal
preparation and Singing with teacher Nadia Nicola. Management of intentions with
Mario Filio. Art of the interpretation for Cinema, theater and TV, Characterizations
and handling of the voice, Dramatics and micro theater with María Castillo. Musical
Theater at the Theamus Academy, Long-Form Narratives with Simone Fojgiel.
Dubbing for movies with World Voices. Locution for documentaries with Leysha

Contacto: Angely Báez