Advertise In The 2019 Dual Event Magazine
That’s Voiceover!™ Career Expo and the Voice Arts® Awards

Top experts in the field of voice acting and content creation write the event magazine. It is chock full of superb industry content, practical career guidance, and inspired acknowledgments of achievement. It also serves as a stunning host for your brand messages. The event program is a highly produced, full color magazine publication that has become a cherished coffee table keepsake. It is made even more special because many guests have their magazine signed by attending luminaries and celebrity honorees, insuring that your brand message will last well beyond the event and live in the hearts of true fans. And get this. Our unique feature of combining both events into a dual-cover magazine means attendees at both events see your ad. You speak to two audiences for the price of one.

SOVAS™ Web Site and Newsletter

For web and mobile application, SOVAS offers two additional advertising channels for the savvy marketer seeking multiple touch points that create meaningful audience engagement. Expand your reach and consumer recall with smart brand messaging that rolls out weeks or months ahead of the event day by 1) Going directly to the email boxes of over 22 thousand SOVAS newsletter subscribers.  2) Tap into   the SOVASweb site to enjoy a loyal following of repeat visitors, provided with year-round engagement, auditions, contests, and vital seasonal events, which our members depend on to keep up with all things voice acting. See below for pricing and format specs across all options.

See samples of past years’ programs below:

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The New Program Guide  is FULL magazine size (8 1/2 x 11),
includes both events and multiple ad sizes to suit every budget!

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